Lava Robot Disco Christmas Float 2015

December 6, 2015

We won the hearts of thousands and spread the holiday cheer -  Lava Vine style - with our Robot Disco Christmas Volcano Float at the Calistoga Lighted Tractor Parade.  And we won third place even though we didn't have a tractor.  We used the tractor last year but this year we turned the yellow bird into a space ship with lots and lots of tin foil.  So much tin foil in fact that we baked the engine like a giant potato, resulting in some extra last-minute drama at the starting line.  We ripped the nose cone off of the grille and after a few jumpstarts we hit the road with our Pulsating Robot Disco Love float, saving the universe for Christmas.

Here is the song that was fueling all of those sweet robot dance moves (click "Download" to download for your own robot disco purposes):

It is nearly impossible to capture the majesty of the event, but here are a few clips that hint at the spectacle:

(The below clip is super long but you can find the Lava float at 16:10)