How to Furnish Your First Home on a Shoestring – A Complete Guide

While buying your first home, naturally you must have spent all the money you had in the house.  In addition, if you had taken a loan, the worries of paying the EMI would pop out newly.  Use the below tips to furnish your first home on a shoestring and save money:

Old wooden flooring and furniture:  When you buy used homes, the wooden floors and furniture would be old and dull.  No need to invest in replacing them totally.  Instead, paint using varnish to get the glow of new furnishing.

Buy used furniture:  If you go buying new furniture you might have to spend more.  Instead, buy used furniture.

Look for offers:  Couponobox offers a money-saving promo code which can help you on spending less on buying furniture from brands.

Buy packages:  Instead of buying each furniture individually, buy them as packages to get more discount.

Use up old stuff in the attic instead of buying new:  Go and find out what you have stored on your lofts.  You might have thrown beautiful flower vases, tables etc. given by your grandparent as old fashioned.  Old becomes new when you call it antique.  Use them to furnish your home.

DIY decors: On the internet, you can find videos of simple decors which you can try from things that already you have at home.  Using old coke tins or bottles or egg cartons you can make artistic decors.

Indoor plants and flowers:  Having an indoor plant or fresh flowers will boost up the look of your home.  You can cut cost on decors.

Multi-utility furniture:  Always try buying furniture which can be used for more than one purpose.  That way you can save money and furnish your home too.  So, buy a sofa cum bed, bed with storage etc. so that you can save money on buying two furniture instead of one.

Avoid hi-fi stores:  While buying furnishing avoid hi-fi stores.  Instead, search in the antique market or auction stores where you can bargain more.