How To Clean Car Seat Stains?

To keep your children healthy it is essential that you clean your car seats on a regular basis. When you have kids traveling with you in the car, it is obvious that the car seats get dirty due to food spillage, vomiting, pooping etc. Some stains are easy to remove while some are very stubborn. When you are set to clean the car seats choose a bright day to use the solar power to dry your car seats. Complete the task with a linen spray that gives a sort of fresh feeling.

There are fabric shampoos available in the market that are capable of breaking through the dirt, grime and grease that are deeply embedded on the surface of the car seat. Before applying the shampoo on the surface of the car seats you will have to vacuum clean the seats. Choose mild shampoos that do not leave the upholstery fibers stiff. Visit to learn how to care for your child during a road travel.

The next step would be to stir up the surface by applying steam over it. You can make use of a vapor steamer that has fine bristles through which the steam is released. Steaming the seats would bring about 90% of the dirt to the surface which makes the cleaning easy. After the steaming process, an extractor has to be used over the surface to suck the dirt that has now covered the surface. An extractor is an essential and useful tool if you want the process to go in detail.

The above steps have to be repeated until you arrive at a clean surface. Always give a light coat that enables easy cleaning instead of saturating the fabric with solution. After completing this apply vacuum again to remove any residual dirt and this also helps in drying up the wetness saturated in certain areas. To keep the seats clean follow a set of rules for people accommodating your car. If you find someone’s shoe are dirty ask them to place them in a trunk or wrap them with plastic film.