Top Ten Ways To Save Money When Building A New House

As a realtor and consultant, I often keep getting asked one question frequently and that is how someone can build their own house in a way that he can save money.

I agree that building a house is a costly proposition and there is no stigma whatsoever in making it cost less. You are not compromising on quality but you are only making sure that you can get the same product without cutting out frivolous expenses which most definitely need to be!

Having said that, I thought I must blog in detail ten ways in which people can reduce the cost of building their own home. So let’s get started:

  1. Being your personal general contractor!

If you can do this and if you have the skill set you can easily write of ten percent of costs at least. But the catch is that you will need to have a minimum working knowledge of how contractors work.

  1. The quality of the land:

You are going to waste more moolah if you will have to blast the rocks on the land or connect with water and sewage supply. So make sure that you have considered your choice.

  1. House building selection:

A detailed report on the style of building that is most suitable for your kind of work and living is important. However, simpler plans are saving intensive than the building swath unusual shapes.

  1. Bring your DIY skills to the fore:

Don’t hire, sweat. Rope in people from the family who are good at DIY and see how the bills plummet.

  1. Keeping the debris away:

It is known to be efficient and a great motivator to have the job site cleaned often and homogenously debris-free. The workers will be more organized and clutter-free in their heads as well.

  1. Salvage old products:

Use the old materials to sell at the local scrap market as ageist throwing them off.

  1. Look out for low priced alternatives:

Make sure that you study the market before investing in building materials. Most construction material has vast price differences without having any significant change in them.

  1. Painting:

Go for eco-friendly and locally available paints and pigments to incur lesser costs.

  1. Flooring:

Here again, the locally available material is your best bet in case you are looking to save.

  1. Landscaping:

Incorporate local plants and do the landscaping yourself instead of employing a corporate. It will save quite a lot of bucks and give a fillip to your green finger too! Check out The Precision Tools there is on the internet for doing up the landscape.…