8 Ways To Spot Serious Home Foundation Problems

Checking the home foundation and rectifying it is crucial. Here are some serious home foundation issues that you may spot in your house.

The doors and windows

If you find that the doors and windows of your home are being very stubborn and tough to close then this could be a home foundation issue. Because of the unstable foundation, the frame could get distorted and this could create trouble in latching the door and the windows and cause a jam.

Ceiling and floor

If the floors and the ceiling are warped or sagging then this is a foundation problem. This leads to the weight of your house sitting on uneven spots.

Smelly basement

The musty smell that you get from your basement can be a trouble for the home foundation. This could happen because of the basement walls leaking. This could also happen because of plumbing issues or because of moisture from outside that seeps into the cracks.

Look out for molds

If there are molds that you see in the corners of the windows and walls then this signifies the accumulation of moisture in your home. This is because of cracks in the foundation.

Gaps created between the walls and the exterior windows

If there is a gap being formed between the façade and the front door or your windows then the foundation is shifting. It will allow termites and wants to enter the house and lead to a structural damage.

Walls getting bowed

If the interior or the exterior walls of your house is bowing then this is a serious foundation problem. However, this could also happen because of a paint blister and may not necessarily be a foundation issue. One can come to any such conclusion by going through many good reviews about the same.

Look at the chimney

Movement in the chimney is an issue with the house foundation. If it is a shift it could be a serious problem so make sure to check the chimney of your home.

Nails pop

These are small and round cracks and can be fixed easily. However, if you see these occur often then this is a foundation issue.