5 Reasons Why We All Need to Savour Having Time to Ourselves

The other day I was binge watching ted talk and I came across this psychologist who gave a brilliant talk on why we need to enjoy”me-time” and not be surrounded by people all the time.

The talk centered on how people generally ran away from being lonely:

Yes, I agree that loneliness is not something that as a human being we all aim for but in case we do have to spend some time to ourselves, it is more beneficial than harmful. Indeed, people who have experienced themselves and are woke about their presence and the purpose for which they have walked the earth have in majority realized it only after staying by themselves.

How will you know what you are unless you register it yourself?

We are all living a pointless life in a cacophony where every individual is trying to brace others for company and is simultaneously running a race to excel over the others. At what cost? Why would you ever want to compete if you realize that you are only one in the billions of other people who are doing the same thing. What sets you apart from the rest then?

Alone time can help process a lot of information about yourself:

I can vouch for one thing and that is I am much happier today staying alone than what I was two years ago when I was sharing my apartment with a colleague. He was not much of a disturbance also but it was the thought that was heavy on my mind that there is going to be someone there soon and that could put a lot of pressure to not being you.

Today, I can mess up the whole kitchen trying to experiment a new elaborate cuisine and not bother to clear it up until the next day. I wouldn’t dare do this back

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