Top Tips: How To Achieve A Super-Clean, Organised and Clutter-Free Bedroom

When you reach home after a tiring day at work and then have something to eat in the kitchen and finally head to the bedroom for a relaxed night of sleep- that is when it really hits you- the untidy and cluttered bedroom. You groan and are unhappy but you are so tired that you cannot do anything now and just find some space to park your things and crash- promising yourself that you will clean the room next day. The cycle will go on unless you follow some of the advice given here.

  1. Make a rule of absolutely no clothes on the floor or bed. You can designate specific places for the different types of clothes. Clean ones in the closet, dirty ones in the laundry bin and the others that need to be worn again can also be given some place in another closet.
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  3. Use storage containers wisely. Label each one container and keep only that stuff in there, which will make it easy when you are looking for something.
  4. Try not to keep too many things on the top of the dresser, nightstand, and Slowly things might start to pile up and the clutter will keep increasing.
  5. Making your bed up in the morning will give the room a tidy look and you will also feel motivated to keep the room clean. Air the bed and put the comforter in place, and fluff up the pillows and you are done. Make your bed before you head out.

A few small touches here and there at the right time will help to keep the room clean and tidy. These small things will help you feel comfortable and relaxed when you come back home after a tough workday.