Keep the Household Secure with These House Training TipsĀ 

There are so many people that expect dogs to naturally protect their house but some dogs have been taught that there’s a cause for celebration whenever a stranger comes to the house. These dogs and many others will eventually learn how to secure a house but may need help, even if it’s just a little. There are so many things that could be used to train a dog and one of such is a dog end crate table. House training a dog to help secure a house can be hard but a dog that has been trained to guard his house needs not be as trained as a dog for personal protection.

Some tips to help you effectively house train your dog and keep your house secure include

  • Help your dog learn basic obedience

You can make use of your yard for training your dog if you have one. Dogs learn to become territorial as he learns to obey simple commands while working around the house. Basic commands like go, stay, sit down, leave it should be taught. It should also be taught to bark when you command it to.

  • Help your dog know the boundaries of your property

Running your property boundaries with your dog should be done every day at the end of the obedience lessons. This helps the dog be familiar with the land he needs to protect.

  • Let your dog spend time in the area he needs to guard

Dog needs to start learning how to secure a house as soon as the dog is trained and old enough to be a confident dog.

  • Help your dog build confidence

Make someone the dog doesn’t know come to your property and make some noise. To help your dog build confidence, the person could knock on a window if the dog is inside the house. The person then needs to make a sound to indicate he/she is frightened and run away. All these will help the dog build confidence.

If your dog does not show any sign it intends to secure its territory or bark when the person runs off, try it again until he starts to show these signs. If it starts to bark at the stranger, you should repeat the process too and whenever you’re home ensure you praise the dog and maybe give it a special treat.

This should be done as many times as possible if the dog doesn’t bark or show any signs that it intends to secure the house.…