Best Ways To Declutter & Downsize Your Home Effectively

Have a lot of clutter lying around the house? Feel you have just too much stuff that cannot be used but are not sure about what to do with it? Here are a few ideas to de-clutter your home effectively:

Common Space

Every house has a common area which is used by one and all of the family. This area attracts a lot of clutter as people tend to leave something or the other lying around. Clean up this place first. You are sure to find a number of things that are not needed anymore. Get rid of things that are not used regularly. Have a box that was used by your younger child ten months ago, discard it. Have a mirror your toddler played with a year ago but is too old for now, discard it. These could have been very useful but are not anymore.


The bedroom is the next space where a lot of clutter accumulates. Clean out your cupboards and set the clothes you have not used in the last years aside. Now go through them and you are sure to find a few pieces that are worn out or needs a button or two to be stitched. Donate the clothes you don’t use anymore, give away the faded old clothes to the needy.

Next clean under the bed and around the room. Over the years you would have accumulated a lot of things on the shelves around. Spend some time, look through the things and throw out all that is not needed or usable anymore. If you have stored all the junk in boxes, first get rid of the boxes. When you have lesser space to store things in, you accumulate lesser junk. Throw all unwanted things into a bin from Dumpsterator and you don’t have to worry about discarding it.

Kids’ Room

This is the biggest area filled with clutter and unwanted things. Kids don’t just grow out of clothes; they grow up and stop using a lot of other things too. Take out all the things your kid has outgrown and donated it. There are a lot of places that can use toys, books and other things related to children.